What is the rolling shutter effect feature image
Have you ever shot a fast-moving subject with your camera and the footage looked a bit warped? That's the rolling shutter effect at work.
How to fix shaky footage in iOS, Android and PC
If you can’t reshoot your shaky footage, you will have to try to fix it in editing. Here are a few apps you can use to fix your shaky footage.
It's essential for a director to know how to direct actors and form a successful working relationship to deliver the best performance.
Do you sometimes find your footage coming out distorted or grainy? Well, worry no more because we've got you covered. In this video, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of image sensor noise - what it is, what causes it, and most importantly, how to fix it!...
MOGRTs are powerful tools for video editors using Adobe software like Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush, but what are they?
AI writing for scripts
Scriptwriting can be time-consuming, but using AI writing tools can help speed up the process and let you be more creative in the process.
Film grip
Every major film production is going to have a skilled grip, but who are they, and what's their role on set? Let's discuss.
Shot assist tools are tools that help correct common issues when shooting, such as improper exposure, which help you get the perfect shot.
Fostering a collaborative and trusting relationship with your actors and encouraging them to come up with new character ideas will help bring your characters to life on screen.
To bring your characters to life, you need to collaborate with your actors, blending your ideas to achieve the best performance possible.
Laugh track featured image
The laugh track has been around for decades, but do you know where it came from? Let's dive into the history of the laugh track.